16.2. – 25.2.2024

Terder Ties : Lovers & Friends
Das T/Abor, Vienna

artists Judith Gattermayr, Stefanie Haller, Marlene Heidinger, Kaija Hinkula, Veronika Hösch, Engy Mohsen & Sepidar Niroomand

Curated by Kaeshmaesh collective

opening 16.2. 5 pm

Affection, trust and closeness: Love is a fundamental part of our lives. From a traditional point of view, a fulfilling happiness in love seems only possible with one favorite person. Countless dating apps flood our smartphones. The credo: Just one swipe away from the great love. And the desire for romantic happiness also manifests itself in art and culture. From the amour fou to eternal love: music, film and literature almost cannot exist without this idea of a romantic relationship of two people.
But concepts of love are countless. Polyamorous relationships include more than just one partner. The „friends with benefits“ model blurs the boundaries between love and friendship. „No strings attached“ promises quick and noncommittal sex without having to involve emotions.
And what about other forms of interpersonal existence? In addition to our partners, our lives are also shaped by our friends. Some consider the latter as part of their „chosen family“. Community Care makes alternative concepts of life possible, which are based on profound relationships beyond social norms. How and whom do we love today and what does it mean? What do we mean when we talk about love? What forms of love exist? What significance do they have in our society? What might a (radical) redesign of love look like?