EXHALE / Galerie Pleiku, Berlin

EXHALE / Galerie Pleiku, Berlin 21.7.-1.8.2015

21.7.–1.8.2015 / Group Exhibition, Kaija Hinkula & Hanna Peräkylä »

Exhale is an exhibition by two finnish artists Kaija Hinkula and Hanna Peräkylä. It exhibits two different perspectives of artists seeking slower rhythms. Hinkula’s paintings create spaces around the silence in abstract scenery. Peräkylä`s work transforms old textiles into new forms, letting the time to be one of the builders.

In Hinkula`s works paint moves on a surface for a short moment and leaves traces of a intuitive painting process. ” Landscape, breath, sound, silence, the dark – atmospheres associated with movements of nature build the picture of the quietness. Exhale is a silent fanfare – an ode for silence in the middle of huge rush and tempo around us in our everyday lives.

Hanna Peräkylä’s works deal with remembering; how the same story changes with the passing of time, how old memories are easily brought up even if yesterday would have been forgotten. Her works are rebuild from processing used, old textiles. She is interested in the narratives of daily clothing and home textiles, and our attitude towards them – how textiles are valued today.

Exhibition is granted by Arts Promotion Center Finland. Hinkula & Peräkylä have worked together in residencies in Finland and Russia. Last co-operative exhibition was held in Tallinn 2012.

Galerie Pleiku
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