Põhjaveed, Tartu

Pohjaveed. Tartu Kunstimaja / Monumentaalgaleri 29.7.–21.8.2016: Emma Peura, Janette Holmström, Kaija Hinkula & Jussi Nykänen

29.7.–21.8.2016 / Group Exhibition »

Tartu Kunstimaja / Monumentaalgaleri:

Emma Peura, Janette Holmström, Kaija Hinkula & Jussi Nykänen
Põhjaveed introduces a group of young Finnish artists who work with the methods of painting, printmaking and photography. The exhibition in Monumental Gallery builds up atmospheres showing different aspects of the strange and unknown. The artists all have the same goal: to make artworks that take the viewer through various realities, exploring light and moment, the surrealistic flow of the subconscious and memories.

Kaija Hinkula’s paintings from the serie Indian Express shows fast and spontaneous paint strokes with exotic vibe. Paintings can be seen as an abstract journal of travels to other countries and cultures, but also as representations from new visual enviroment and energy. Hinkula uses an abstract and intuitive painting method to create these visions.

Jussi Nykänen uses photography and monotype to create surrealistic beings in landscapes around the North that he values and has travelled by himself. By combining two different techniques he wants to combine the findings of visible and invisible world. The artist himself has called his works “pantheistic icons”.

Emma Peura finds themes to her eerie prints from dreams and hidden feelings. To her, art is all about the balance of revealing and concealing. The weight and character of a printed line embodies more purpose in her works than any color in the world could.

Janette Holmström’s dreamlike photographs are oftentimes dominated by
picturesque surfaces – in a way they look like paintings. She creates them through filters and reflections, using camera to explore the relationship between human and nature. In her works you can also find the layers of time, places and emotions.

All four artists have graduated from Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (BFA) in
Imatra, Finland, in the years 2008-2012. They have previously held a joint exhibition titled ITÄÄ (=EAST) in Gallery Rantakasarmi, Helsinki, in 2014. Another thing in common with the group is the house of Krimi, a commune that for years has been the home of many artists-to-be in Imatra.