CORNER / Woikka Contemporary

CORNER / Woikka Contemporary, Voikkaa FI

Kaija Hinkula’s CORNER transforms Woikka Contemporary’s window spaces into a colorful spatial intervention. Hinkula has covered the windows with fabrics that form a color composition in the corner of the lower floor of the apartment building, creating a contrast with the inhabited landscape. Even though CORNER takes place in the exhibition space, it is tied to the public space and its life. A colorful observation in a familiar environment invites the passer-by to dream in the middle of the day

Kaija Hinkula (b.1984) is a visual artist who explores the possibilities and limits of painting. Hinkula graduated as a visual artist from Saimaa Academy of Arts and Master of Arts from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts. Her work is placed in the context of extended painting, where two-dimensional painting expands into a sculptural and spatial experience, combining e.g. to the methods of sculpture and time and space art