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My art stretch the limits of painting, sculpture and installation. I´m interested where and how painting is now and what can it be. I use
different elements, as oil, spray, and readymade objects using them as parts of compositions and installations giving painting a spatial form.
I also make paintings on board using different tools. 

In addition of gallery space I expand the space of the painting into outside world – making installation into beach, construction site or the
forest. My work is much about contradiction – a place where fantasy meets the reality. Characters of history of modernistic painting are visible in the shape of expanded painting.

Kaija Hinkula (b.1984) is a visual artist living in Fnland. Hinkula has had multiple solo exhibitions in Finland and her works have been exhibited in various curated exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Hinkulas works are for example in collections of State of Finland, HUS and Art Museum of Oulu. She works in Oulu and Helsinki, Finland.


Kaija Hinkula
b. 1984


2019–2021 Master of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2004–2008 South Carelia University of Applied Sciences, visual artist
2006 University of Granada, Fine Arts, Spain
2003–2004 Liminka Art School


2021 Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland
2021 Supermarket Art Fair, TM Galleria, Stockholm, Sverige
2022 Art Museum of Oulu, Finland


2019 Builder, Galleria Harmaja, Oulu, Finland
2018 Matter, Huuto Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Indian Express, TM Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Journey, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland
2015 Journey, KOUTA Gallery, Art Museum Poikilo, Kouvola, Finland (invitation)
2014 The Butterfly Effect, Gallery Mältinranta, Studio, Tampere, Finland


2021 International festival of Manuports, Kohta Art Hall, Helsinki
2020 Kuvan Kevät, MA Degree Show of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2019 Karuselli, Tm Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2019 Finnish Painters` Union 90 years, Art Museum of Lappeenranta, Finland (curated by Teemu Korpela & LPR Art Museum)
2019 Finnish Painters`union 90 years, Galleria 5, Oulu (curated by Leena Kangas)
2018 Kerronta, Art Center Haihara, Tampere ( curated by Jarno Vesala )
2018 Home called Krimi, art in to-be-demolished houseArt Center Krimi, Imatra, Finland
2017 Kyllä, Art Museum of Riihimäki
2017 Katajainen Kansa, art in to-be-demolished house, Mäntyharju, Finland (curated by Art Center Krimi)
2017 Decadence, Gallery Krimi, Finland
2016 ARS Kärsämäki, Finland (curated by Anni Arffman)
2016 Pohjaveed, Monumentaalgalerie, Tartu Kunstimaja, Tartto, Estonia
2016 Works on Paper, DLUL, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016 5000m2, art in to-be-demolished house, Lappeenranta Finland
2015 Exhale, Galerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany (Hinkula & Peräkylä)
2015 Matka, Art Museum of Imatra, Finland
2014 The snowball Effect II, biennal of Northern Finland, Art Museum of Rovaniemi, Finland (curated by Laura Köönikkä)
2014 Growth, The Art Of Basware – competition for young artists, Music center, Helsinki, Finland
2014 Itää, Gallery Rantakasarmi, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Connections, The Art of Basware- competition for young artists, Helsinki Music Center, Helsinki, Finland
2013 ArSboretum13 – “Temporary happiness ja muita tarinoita”, Kemiö, Finland
2013 Inner Landscapes, Tartu Kunstimaja, Tartu, Estonia
2012 Second Ground, Loov Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia (Hinkula & Peräkylä)
2012 The Snowball Effect, Biennal of Northern Finland, Art Museum of Oulu, Finland
2012 Billnäs Young Artists, Billnäs. Finland
2011 Art Museum of O.Jauhiainen, Kiiminki, Finland
2009 Riskiryhmä, The Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
2008 Staalkaart, Amersfoort, Netherlands, Finland
2008 Riskiryhmä, Art Museum of Imatra, Imatra, Finland


2016 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
2013 Kemijärvi, Finland
2012 Kochi, India
2010 Vyborg, Russia
2010 Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain
2008 Kunstenaarslogies, Amersfoort, Netherlands


The Collection of Finnish State Art Commision
HUS Art Collection
Art Museum of Oulu
Finnish Art Society, annual art lottery 2018
City of Amersfoort, Netherlands
Helia Foundation
Art Center Salmela
City of Mäntyharju
Osuuskauppa Suur-Savo
Vyborg´s artist Studio
Billnäs Ruukki
Saskiat Oulu
Pique Nique Helsinki


Art Assosiation of Oulu
Finish painter`s union


Board of Finnish Painters Union 2020-2021
Representatives of the Artists’ Association of Finland 2019-2020, 2021-2022
Chairman of Art assosiation of Oulu 2015–2016
Board of Art assosiation of Oulu 2010–2012
Vice-Chairman of Art assosiation of Oulu 2012


Finnish Cultural Foundation
Arts Council of Finland
Finnish Art Society
Art Council of Pohjois-Pohjanmaa & Kainuu
City of Oulu
Saskiat Oulu
Oulu Valistustalo
City of Imatra
Osuuskauppa Suur-Savo

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