PORI BIENNALE 2022 / Helsinki

14.-24.7.2022 Rastila Camping, Meri-Rastila, Kallahti
Opening 13.7.2022

This year, Porin kulttuurisäätö’s site-specific, process-based Pori Biennale 2022 takes place in Eastern Helsinki and explores the unique environments of Meri-Rastila – Kallahti area from architecture to nature. The theme, Visitors, refers to us – artists, curators, and artworks – as visitors in the area, but also to different visitors from human to nonhuman leaving traces and passing messages. The different historical layers – the protected nature in Kallahti peak as well as the non-protected neighborhood and housing blocks in Meri-Rastila – demonstrate ideologies and values that shape the fragile existence of the area and its residents. The Visitors explores alternative perspectives on how social and power structures manifest themselves in our surroundings, and how all living beings, in the end, are merely visiting.

Participants: Michaela Casková, Venla Helenius, Kaija Hinkula, Flis Holland, Kristina Sedlerova-Villanen, Erika Weiste, Femma Planning, Ostaritutkimuksia & You Tell Me Collective

Concept, curating and production: Porin kulttuurisäätö (Andrea Coyotzi-Borja, Anna Jensen, Sanna Ritvanen & Eliisa Suvanto)
Graphic design: Johannes RantapuskaEditor of the catalogue: Andrea Coyotzi-Borja

Supported by: Kone Foundation, Helsinki city